The earliest microfossils and living 'fossils'.

Stromatolite fossils

The fine details of fossilized stromatolites, together with chemical profiles and observation of modern stromatolites, reveal their origin in the slow accretion of minerals associated with cyanobacteria. At left is a fossilized stromatolite from the Proterozoic. Location: Eastern Andies South of Cochabamba, District of Cochabamba, Bolivia, South America.

"Precambrian Microfossils. The oldest well dated and well preserved microsfossils were described by J.W. Schopf from the Apex Chert at Marble Bar, Western Australia. These are dated at 3.465 Ga. Microfossils from Swaziland (South Africa) have a similar age. The North American Gunflint Chert (2 Ga) is the first occurrence of Precambrian microfossils that has been discovered and published. The Belcher Group microfossils from Canada have a similar age. The Bitter Springs Chert (central Australia; 0.8 Ga) has definitely yielded the richest and best preserved association of Precambrian microfossils." [S]

Also Fossilized Cyanobacteria

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